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Originally Posted by Horsedick View Post
I'm surprised the HLStats team hasn't released an update to this yet... I'm really not wanting to do patch work on something that is normally been supported well.
Let me be as blunt as I can, I work for a I have not finished looking over these changes and what effected they will have IE does it cause older games like HL2MP to stop working ? or does it conflict with DOD?

Checking these things takes time, this has happened about a week I have not had a weekend yet to work on it.....

I did not plan for HLX to have any major changes to the current code so I don't know it very well (To be clear I know what it does as a whole but what parts do what function not so much); So if the changes in this thread conflict create bugs it will be even longer before you see a "release" fix...

Be happy that I am at least trying to keep this project alive, if you want to see it move faster // have more active support then the community is going to have to step up....This project does not pay the bills so my job comes first....
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