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Some time ago the people at bots-united found the legall way to enable CZERO bots in CS1.6 (the mp.dll of CZERO and CS1.6 is exactly the same). The dll checks the directory it is running from. If it's cstrike - the bot is disabled, if it's czero - the bot is enabled. As Bailopan said - patching/hacking/fixing that mp.dll binary is illegal (against EULA). Even if You buy both games (CZERO and CS1.6) - it's still the same - changing the binaries is prohibited and still is a licence violation. But Whistler (yapb bot developer) found a legal way to enable these bots in CS1.6. He is not patching the binaries (which would be illegal), but he is patching the memory to lie the original - not touched - mp.dll. Well - Valve probably doesn't like it, but there is no paragraph against that (otherwise patching the memory by CSDM module aganst this what Valve wanted as the original game behavior would be also illegal, btw). But still the result is the same - mp.dll is lied about the game directory which is started from and it is causing CSDM module to load incorrectly and that is causing the crash of CSDM, too (I may attest - I've tryied that method, too). So - the only bots You can try to get working correctly with CSDM under CS1.6 they are: yapb, epodbot and podbot mm (I'm just precising the info about bots). The rest You can find at bots-united for CS1.6 (as realbot, joebot, ivpbot) they are not supported anymore. The only advantage CZERO bot has is autowaypointing system (so You don't need to make or find the waypoints for them). But with this there is really no problem, because we have the Waypointing section and You can just ask/request the waypoints for the particular bot for some map/maps and someone either will find it for You (if it's already existing) or it will do them for You from the scratch. You really don't need to be worry about that.
The Fullpack of podbot mm V3B22 - 24 apr 2012!!! is available here.
The All-In-One 3.2a package - 02 jun 2013 (AMX X 1.8.2 [with ATAC 3.0.1b , CSDM2.1.3c beta, CM OE 0.6.5, podbot mm V3B22c and mm 1.20) is available here.
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