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Old 10-17-2006 , 01:18   Final word about zBot!

I do not support zBot!

zBot is an illegal hack which activates CZ bots that are built into the CS binary. Valve builds the bots into the CS binary, but they're de-activated unless you run the game as Condition-Zero. Trying to get around this is a license violation.

Furthermore, zBot leads to stability issues. It patches memory in order to work, and apparently it does a messy job - I've heard many reports of it causing crashes. Also, this causes CSDM to fail loading if CSDM is loaded after zBot. CSDM looks for patterns in memory, and zBot is altering those.

Don't use, don't mention, don't ask me about, don't link to zBot here. It is a support nightmare.

Check out for bots.
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