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you're probably using Docker, so fix your Docker container configuration (don't use publish ports to random host ports).

If you're using Docker userland-proxy (default yes), in HLX settings use Docker internal IP (172.XXX.XXX.XXX:port).

Originally Posted by iahyM View Post
On tf2 servers, i used "logadress_add 'ip:port'

and it's working, i'm getting the logs..but..

on two of the servers, the ip of those servers is something like " 89.**.***.133:27015 " and " 89.**.***.85:27015 "

But when i retrieve the logs, it says that is from another ip "" and some random port that changes every few minutes

The logs are working fine but the ip is wrong

If i wait a few minutes-hours it will start to show the true ip.
Why is that?

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