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Hey guys, extremely novice SM user here.. I have a few plugins that use special areas, like a jail and areas where it prevents you from firing. In the sourcemod config files it asks me the following:

		"X Min" 	"2187.135986"
		"X Max" 	"5002.716797"
		"Y Min" 	"-3294.457764"
		"Y Max" 	"-1546.352051"		
		"Z Min" 	"-409.968750"
		"Z Max" 	"102.798485"
and for another plugin also:
		"Chamber_Spawn_Location"		"5156.547852 4970.031250 -11910.531250"
		"Chamber_Release_Location"		"5162.712891 5313.031250 -11841.415039"
		"Chamber_Dimensions_MINs"		"4950.552734 5060.482910 -11905.465820"
		"Chamber_Dimensions_MAXs"		"5367.345703 5163.020996 -11820.209961"
Now I could easily setup the spawn_location and release_location by simple using the "getpos" command on console.

But I can't manage to setup the mins and maxs.
The way I'm doing it is I got to a corner of the room and go super close to the ground and get my coordinates there for MIN and then I go to the opposite corner of the room and get super close to the ceiling and get my coordinates there for MAX. Here's a little picture illustrating the way I'm doing it.

Is that not the way to do it?
Hope you can help me thanks in advance!
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