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I don't know if I would have anything public and stuff already, but I'm looking for a system where players can trade for a steam account and the items are automatically accepted, something like the token sales sites have.

That is, sell privileges on my servers by skins.

In theory it would be simple, the player would enter this link where he would have my steam account for him to make the exchange, but there would be rules for the trades, namely:
  • Maximum of 5 skins per trade, more than 5 skins per exchange would already be refused at the time of the user's trade;
  • Skin values ​​couldn't be too low; (Something like the skin sales and purchase sites have, where it shows which skin can sell and stuff at that time due to the steam market)
  • User trying to exchange their items for BOT items a trade would be refused at the time; (Will only accept the trade if you meet the above requirements and are not asking for any items in return)

For now, the user who sends the trade does not need to receive anything, but in the future I think about integrating with VIP Core + Site/Store so that I can activate the privileges automatically after confirmation of the sale/trade.

Would something like this be possible? Already have something?

NOTE: I can discuss values ​​if they appear interested in doing this project.

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