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Originally Posted by juhaownn View Post
Where i can add Custom Maps for the Standard Maps?
In 1.3.x/1.4.x (which this thread is for), you have to edit addons/sourcemod/scripting/mapchooser_extended/MapListCustomization.sp and then recompile mapchooser_extended.sp.

For 1.5.x/1.6.x (which has its own thread), update your game's addons/sourcemod/configs/mapchooser_extended/maps/ txt file (for example, Team Fortress 2 uses tf.txt). Note: The tf.txt in the first post in the 1.6.x thread is the current version for Team Fortress 2's official map list.

Side note: I'm not updating 1.3.x/1.4.x any more. I've made a number of improvements in the versions leading up to 1.6.3 (the current version) instead. There will likely be a toggle to disable the display of the Custom text in the next version of Mapchooser Extended (likely 1.7.0).
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