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Originally Posted by EFFx View Post
This mod version is unapproved, tell me if you want a good furien mod.
If if find good one, sure. This is the current TODO list:

 * Compile a good map pack and good mapcycles for each mods, weeks days and to default one.
 * Fix the CSDM Mod is crashing the server after 400 or 600 server change levels.
 * Install jailbreak, SoccerJam mod.
 * Install Halloween Mod 2015.
 * Install Battlefield 2: Rank Mod by pRED*
 * Install the Voley Ball Mod [ 1.1 ] -
 * Played Time: Extended v1.0 -
 * American Football Mod V.7.0 -
 * Install a new mod like Furien Mod -
Plugin: Sublime Text Studio , Galileo
Multi-Mod: Manager / Plugin / Server

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