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I have the following issues with 2.1d:
1) when you come over an armorpack/medkit, you get it twice - frist when you're close enough to armor, second one when you come right over it. I suppose (now i'm sure) it's beause you do not strip an existent items from the map which duplicate them in ents_xxx.cfg file.
2) i set weapons_stay = 20 but when you throw a weapon it immediately dissapears. If itemmode is disabled, everything is fine.
3) i recommend to extend collision boxes for items and for grenades also (like in HLDM); here is example
    if (type <= 30) // Is it a Weapon?
        set_pev(entid, pev_angles, Float:{0.0, 0.0, 0.0})
        set_pev(entid, pev_velocity, Float:{0.0, 0.0, 0.0})
    if(type > 30 || type == CSW_FLASHBANG || type == CSW_SMOKEGRENADE || type == CSW_HEGRENADE)
        static const Float:vecItemMins[3] = {-16.0, -16.0, 0.0}
        static const Float:vecItemMaxs[3] = { 16.0,  16.0, 16.0}
        engfunc(EngFunc_SetSize, entid, vecItemMins, vecItemMaxs)
4) pev function failed on some entities. an error raised within csdm_misc.sma::OnEntSpawn(ent). suppose one forgot to validate ent var by using pev_valid() function.
5) while taking a healthkit or armorpack an ugly icons draw on hud (do you need a screenshot?)

And some questions:
1) is it possible in itemmode to give a spawned player not only a nife, but a secondary weapon also?
2) (again in itemmode) if ammo_refill is 0 and you come over a weapon you have already you should grab it as a clip bonus (if there is a space in your clip). It's more DM-like style. Right now nothing happens.

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