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Originally Posted by pulpy
KWo, sounds interesting but for the weapon limit, is that per team, or just globally?
It's globally.

Originally Posted by pulpy
Also, if u use a limited weapon, u say that the person cant press 2 or 3 so it gives others a chance, wat if the user just simply used it 1x, and suddenly bam, they cant for a while now, ppl tend to get annoyed when their choosing weapons and die because of it, and then the menu starts over again, so having say.. awpers choose a weapon every death, their of course going to try for the awp first, bam dead, damn, okay find ak, bam dead, ah finally ak.
I think I didn't get it. If awp is limited You cannot use 2 nor 3 next respawn but if ak47 is not limited, You can use 2 and 3 without any problem next respawn. And You can extend the time for spawn protection (in csdm.cfg) if You are afraid You cannot choose the weapon from the gun menu, because someone may kill You if You are choosing the gun too long time.
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