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Originally Posted by ozgaming View Post
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CASE in /home/*/public_html/*/admin/scripts/manual_entry_submit.php on line 100
I believe there are two errors. I fixed them by changing two lines.

PHP Code:
89.                                if(!$debug){queryServers('sm_reloadadmins');}
90.                        }
Delete line 91.

Also needs a closing bracket on line 142.
PHP Code:
header("Location: ../show_donations.php");}
If this is incorrect please tell and I will delete/modify post. Also I had a problem with donors not being assigned to servers and the database entries in sb_admins_servers_groups being incorrect. Should have been 1 1 -1 and not 4 8 -1 which is what I am seeing in phpmyadmin.

What all would need to changed to have this working in sourcebans 2?

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