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asherkin, ok this is very nice tool and web-system.

But, how to analyze them to track what plugin causes crash?

I dunno how plugins loader internals are implemented in sm.
But, is it possible e.g. to find mem. adresses of each plugins ("modules" or w/e) and track what address the crash instruction was called from in chain, and map that adress to concrete name of plugin?

Here is my case:
More info in crash.log:

How my strategy should looks like, if I want to find the list of sm functions that can call "UpdateAddonBits" when they are executed ?
Is it something like:
SetEntProp(client, Prop_Send, "m_upgradeBitVec", bits, 4);
Also, how can I see the reason of crash, like "null pointer dereference" or so (without good knowledge in asm) ?

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