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This plugin brings up a player's backpack in an MOTD window, with player menu

Say Commands

motdbp_version - Plugin Version
motdbp_advert - Enable or disable the plugin advert (Disabled by default)
motdbp_adtime - Time between adverts Min: 5 seconds Max: 15 minutes
motdbp_fullscreen - Enable or disable fullscreen windows (Enabled by Default)
motdbp_message - Set a custom advert message You can use any RGBA or RGB color {#RRGGBB} or {DEFAULT}, {TEAM}, {GREEN}, {LIGHTGREEN} and \n to start a new line
motdbp_site - Choose a BackPack Site, 0 =, 1 =, 2 =

How to use advert colors
You can use any RGB(A) color with {#RRGGBB} or {DEFAULT}, {TEAM}, {GREEN}, {LIGHTGREEN}
Here is an online color picker.
Using /n will start a new line

Example 1:
{TEAM}View a backpack by typing {DEFAULT}!bp {TEAM}or {DEFAULT}!bp [playername]
Example 2:
{#0B7A7A}View a backpack by typing {#C1E823}!bp {#0B7A7A}or {#C1E823}!bp [playername] \n{#9E1145}View STEAM Inventory by typing {#C1E823}!sbp {#9E1145}or {#C1E823}!sbp [playername]
This plugin will now auto create a config file. plugin.motd.backpack.cfg can be found in your cfg/sourcemod folder
It is recommended, when updating that you delete the current cfg file, upload the smx, and restart the server. If you change the map or reload the plugin, sourcemod will recreate the old cfg in memory.


Type !backpack <players name>
Brings up the players backpack in an MOTD window
Type !sbp <players name>
Brings up the players steam inventory in an MOTD window
Type !bp or !sbp
Displays a menu listing players.

Special Thanks
Tony "Drunken F00l" Paloma for creating and maintaining
Sneeza for maintaining TF2Outpost
bottiger for his much neater code and removing the extension requirement.
11530 for adding additional features.

Add Avert[Done in 1.0.1]
Allow Custom Advert [Done in 2.2]
Add Player menu [Done in 2.0]

Only Tested on a windows server.
Setting your steam profile to private will also make your backpack private.
Alternate support and download topic
Test server:
Test server:

1.0.0 Initial Release
1.0.1 Added plugin advert
Added playermenu
Removed CSsteamid extension requirement
defaulted adverts to 0
Added bottiger as co-author

Added bug fixes by 11530 in post #35 and Post #46
Added fullscreen MOTD support (Thanks to 11530)
Added Custom advert message (Thanks to 11530)
Auto Creates a config file
Removed some obsolete code
Changed RegConsoleCmd to RegAdminCmd so admins overrides could still be used (Thanks 11530)
Changed obsolete variable names to more accurately represent the current version (Thanks 11530)

Added and as additional backpack sites
Added !sbp which loads the user's Steam Inventory from
Blocks the MOTD refreshing upon death. Comment Out line 12 to allow MOTD refresh (Thanks 11530)
The custom advert now allows for colors (Thanks 11530)
The custom advert now allows for new lines (Thanks 11530)
Added 11530's calculation for community id found in this post (Thanks 11530)

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