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Originally Posted by Edgar
Feature request:
cvar to ignore bots
I *always* forget about the damn bots. Thanks for the head's up. I'll add it in for the next release.

Originally Posted by Edgar
Bug(?) report:
Originally Posted by amxx.cfg
restnames_check_names 1
restnames_amxban 0
restnames_ban_time 999
Originally Posted by restrictnames.ini
Player "banned" 2
Originally Posted by amxx log
L 08/30/2005 - 22:04:24: [restrictnames.amxx] Player was renamed ('player' not allowed).
I removed my adminrights and joined the server with the nick "Player".
I just got renamed.
Yeah, um... I can't duplicate this however I did find a different problem when testing it.

When I had restnames_amxban set to 1, it wouldn't ban me. <-- That's the bug I found.
When I had restnames_amxban set to 0, it did ban me as expected. <-- That's where I can't duplicate your problem.

Try using all lowercase letters for the constants defining the player name in your regex phrase (i.e. "player" instead of "Player") as the names all get converted to lowercase before being compared to the regex phrases. Also of note, if you just use "player" as your regex phrase, it will catch all of the following:
  • Player
  • (1)Player
  • I am the Greatest Player
  • StraightPlayerForReal
Is that what you want? If you only want examples of the first two things caught, you should use the regex phrase I provided in the file: ^(\(\d\))?player$

If, after converting the sample names in your regex phrases to lowercase, you are still having problems, send me your INI via private message and I'll see what I can uncover.
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