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Originally Posted by Edgar
Uhm my fault :/
Not a problem as it allowed me to discover the other issue.

Originally Posted by Edgar
I had your standart Player ( ^(\(\d\))?player\b ) and my player in the restrictnames.ini
So the original 'player' regex phrase was catching it before the 'player' regex phrase you added. I added a note to the 2nd post in this thread to make it clearer how it works in that respect.

Also, you should change the 'player' phrase from ^(\(\d\))?player\b to ^(\(\d\))?player$ . I've updated it in the download file. The original regex would catch "Player for Real". The new one correctly catches only 'player' or '(1)player' (where '1' is any single digit number).

Originally Posted by Edgar
If possible can you kick/ban the player as long as they try to connect?
I have this in my users.ini to get rid of these "Player" 's
"Player" "4jga89n6n4" "z" "a" ; Player
I'm not sure what you mean. They will continue to be punished as per the punishment specified in the INI each time they connect with a restricted name.

If they change to an acceptable name, they won't get punished.

Are you asking for a different behavior?
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