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Idea for the plugin came from Anti-Bigot with RegEx Matching by Manip (updated by jtp10181).


Language Translations:

If you have a set of new translations or updates to existing translations, please post them in the sister thread to this one: Restrict Names (Translations)

  • The regex phrases are looked at in the order that they are listed in the INI file. This means that if there's more than one regex phrase that the player's name can match, it'll only be caught by the first regex phrase. For example, if the first phrase happens to have a 'ban' punishment and the phrase you really want to have catch it is 'rename', the player will be banned.
  • The player names are forced to lowercase before being checked against the regex phrases so don't use uppercase characters as any part of the player name.
Change Log

[2005-09-30] v1.2a
  • Fixed compilation error that occurs on 1.01 and lower AMXX installations. Thanks to ohswildcats.
  • Added option to not check immune players for name violations. Thanks to Hawk552.
[2005-09-27] v1.2
  • Logs can automatically be deleted after a CVAR-defined number of months.
  • Fixed issue where players could disconnect before being punished. Players are now punished immediately and without warning.
[2005-09-06] v1.1
  • Will now ban when "restnames_amxban" is set to 1.
  • Separate log file is being created in the .\logs directory detailing punishments with more information than before. Punishments were previously being logged in the amxx log file.
  • Will not check name if the user is HLTV.
  • CVAR added to indicate whether to check bots for name violations.
  • Config file structure changed slightly to accomodate different ban lengths per regular expression.
    • <RegEx> <Reason> <PunishmentType> <PunishmentOption>
  • Removed CVARs "restnames_ban_time" and "restnames_default_name".
  • All RENAME punishments now have to have the new name provided as the "punishmentOption" segment in the config file. If not provided, the player will be kicked.
  • All BAN punishments now need to provide the ban length as the "punishmentOption" segment in the config file. If not provided, the ban is permanent.
[2005-08-30] v1.0
  • Initial release.

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