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Trying to write a plugin that add's buyzones to the map if there are none.
Now I have 2 problems:
- I could not figure out a good way to get the team spawn coordinates to teleport the buyzone to. Right now I'm looping through all clients to get a t and ct client's position.
- It doesn't work. No errors, the buyzone just doesn't show up. With bots i got the following console message:
pos0: 632.000000, pos1: 267.000000, pos2: -295.000000(debug msg by plugin)
CT bot spawned outside of a buy zone (632, 267, -295)
As you can see, I already tried to move the 3. coordinate, because it seemed to be > than the bot spawn coordinate otherwise - no success.

My Code:

Also attached the .sp because formatting is nice.
Can someone please help me a bit? (sorry for reviving an old thread)
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