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Hello guys,
Im new here and i really like your website because its helping me with my server as i found alot of cool stuff

I don't know anything about coding so i decided to create a "request" topic and hoping that someone will make my wishes come true xD

I just want a simple report plugin for CS 1.6 which will work like this:
The player can use /report and then a list with pages of the players in the server will appear.After you choose which player you want to report, there will be another list for what reason you wanna report him.It will be configurable (Can add-edit report reasons) and then it will send the player something like this: Report details: Reporting: Rulebreaker, Reason: Not following the rules. The staff team will take care of the report as soon as possible, thanks for reporting. Right after the report is sended, it will notify the online admins (with a specific flag) like this: !New report is available! and they can use something like amx_showreports in the console and it will print out all the reports are in the server.

1) Report details:
Reporter: Name
Reported player: Rulebreaker
Reason: Not following the rules

and so on.. Also there are gonna be some cvars like how much time you need to wait so you can report again and 1 more command the admins can use to clear the reports. Im sorry that it might sound alot of work but i cant find others that will do the job and be simple. Also if you can make it with color support please. Thanks
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