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You can calculate the trajectory and then trace it against a solid surface.
Here is a small explanation
Read the description below the image with jumping mario.
Use TR_TraceRay to get an intersection point with a solid surface.

The information you need is in these properties:
m_angAbsRotation - player angle
m_vecAbsOrigin - player position
m_vecAbsVelocity - player velocity
m_flGravity - gravity
m_flFriction - friction
GetGameTime() - engine time

To get the jump moment hook PlayerRunCmd and check if IN_JUMP button is pressed. Alternatively you can use m_hGroundEntity property. It is only valid when player is on the ground.
If the surface is curved, use TR_TraceHull, it will give a more precise result.
And one more thing - players can change their trajectory while in the fly. To make sure it doesn't happen, return Plugin_Handle in PlayerRunCmd.

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