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Originally Posted by xernon View Post
Hi, I have a problem with CSB 1.0.5 (havent tried other)
I have RPG+WCS+ES+ES Tools+mani+mm(added because of CSB)+bat(added because of CSB)+CSB 1.0.5

everything works well, but, when I let mm load CSB on server start, it crashes due to:
Host_Error: CEngineSoundServer:recacheSound: 'buttons/button14.wav' overflow

If someone knows how to fix it, please tell me.

I am using mm only to load BAT and CSB,
other plugins are loaded via .vtf

EKS, if it isnt to much to ask, I woul like to have all files associated with CSB on your server (for example: autoload.cfg, metamod and other mods), also addon, cfg and sounds folder. I think it could help to solve it.
I too am having the same issue:
when only loading Bat --> meta list only shows it running
when trying to load csbotc --> server crashes with error
Host_Error: CSEngineSoundServer::PrecacheSound: 'buttons/buttons14.wav overflow

Running the following versions:MetaMod:Source
BAT 1.6.1
srcds.exe dated 7/11/2008

metaplugins.ini has the following:

I can provide more info, just let me know what is needed.
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