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Old 03-09-2021 , 19:51   Low sv var with docker
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I use LinuxGSM, and my 128tick servers always get extreme low var (0.001~0.015 with tuned-adm)(my server is a dedicated debian, not a VPS)

But I want to migrate to Docker images (with pterodactyl maybe).

I ran some tests in my own desktop with windows 10 (I7 9700).

With this image I was able to get something around 0.030~0.060, but with some 1.500 spikes (no bots)

With this image I tested with 10 bots and was getting 10.000~60.000

So my question is:

Can I get low var (0.001~0.010) using docker images with the same dedicated server that i can get lower var using LinuxGSM? Or just because the fact that i'm using docker, no matter what i do, i can't get low var?

If someone already managed to get low var, please share how you did it.

Thank you!
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