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Originally Posted by MaNaReaver View Post
Yeah, the matterbridge.toml and executable are accessable through the web, but the same error message pops up. I've changed the BindAddress to and 27020. My gateway name's cstrike, and my bridge is set to http://<IP excluding Port>/<Directory of MatterBridge>/ .
I added you to Steam but it seems our timezones do not match as I always find you offline.

I noticed your bridge is set to http://<IP excluding Port>/<Directory of MatterBridge>/, are you reffering to the cvar amx_matter_bridge_url? It must in be http://<IP including Port>. There's an example in the default value.
g_cvarBridgeUrl = register_cvar("amx_matter_bridge_url", "http://localhost:1337", FCVAR_PROTECTED);

Originally Posted by tarsisd2 View Post
most people nowdays use rehlds, so we can`t use Orpheu, can you make one version for rehlds?
Hello, my main Setup uses ReHLDS and all the plugins work. You can check the "ReHLDS" branch of OrpheuSignatures.

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