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Originally Posted by Bugsy View Post
  • It looks like it makes the screen narrower than the unthemed version. There is much more padding on each side.
  • Slight tweaks to font color are needed when viewing the forum (main part of forum where you see the threads) to make it easier to read. The gray and blue do not contrast well. While in a thread it looks fine.

Have you made any adjustments?
1. Yeah I think I made it narrower because I thought it looked better that way because there was too much whitespace. I can change that of course.
2. I wasn't sure about the colors either. I tried keeping those blue and orange primary AM colors but after all I'm not a designer, I just program stuff lol.
3. The only adjustment I tried making was adding line numbers to php/code/html/pawn blocks, but I only succeeded with PHP. Every single one of those is structured differently (HTML wise) and they reported wrong line count sometimes for whatever reason.
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