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Old 10-05-2004 , 05:02   Helpful Stuff / Read here first! (scripting tutorials, etc)

Here are some links that would be stickied if everyone had 40" monitors ;]
AMX Mod X 1.50 Scripting Changes
AMX Mod X 1.60 Scripting Changes
AMX Mod X 1.70 Scripting Changes
XP Mod Tutorial
Scripting Tutorials
Scripting Advice
SQL/DBI Guide for 0.20
Freecode's Shield Scripting
PM's 1337 compile.bat
Technical info on the 0.20 compiler
Integrating with AMX Mod X Menu
How to give a model a weapon
The XS utility stocks library
Runtime error finder - log crawler - utility by EKS
Avalanche's BrainBread stock library
List of CS and CZ messages with explanations
List of decal ids for CS or whatever
Creating an NPC
Decompiling Plugins (.amxx->.sma)

Do not post requests or plugins here - this is for scripting/programming help.
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