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Originally Posted by dordnung View Post
- Disable certificate revocation checks to fix Schannel error
There is never any good reason for weakening the security for *ALL* people using System2 at once, to fix the issues from one single user, or users of networks where the network admins might eventually be retarded wave pools.

I suggest reverting this, and finding another (potential) "fix", where it won't hurt the security of the users that actually are sitting at nice networks.

Certificate related things should NEVER be disabled by default, and never for all at once, to mitigate such issues.

-> curl/curl/issues/3727#issuecomment-484480726 might provide a potential solution.

Although I would still say it should require manual intervention (like you have done with other things here), in order for the security to be "weakened", if that kind of stuff is really an option you want to support.
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