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I've got it installed and it is working on my hl2dm server. However I noticed that admin chat is working but it's somehow breaking an eventscripts mod that I have installed (event2sound). You know, where you type lol and you hear laughing, etc. Sounds for non-admins work fine. If I disable and unload this mod, my event2sound works again.

Any ideas? I took a quick look at the your code but didn't see the cause. When I look in the logs, the chat for admins and non-admins looks the same.


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Yes I can see this happening. What this plugin does is intercept chat messages. In essence, I grab the chat message and if we are supposed to color it up, I stop the original message. By stopping the original message, any additional hooks of the say or say_team commands will not run. I then format the message with colors, etc, and then Print the message to everyones screen. Mind you, reproducing the message by printing it out to all the clients is in no way the same thing as sending a chat message. In order to "reproduce" the chat message, I also log the event as it if really was a chat message, even thou it is not. That is why the log events look the same.

If you have a chat "trigger" that is not using the sourcemod trigger system then it would not work with this plugin installed. At least with version 1.0.2. There is a feature request with the next version for excluded chat commands and that is what you need to make it work with your other plugin. That feature is actually what is holding up the next release... I have to redo the way the config file is read. Anyway, look for version 1.0.3 soon and that will solve your problem.
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