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Old 10-14-2009 , 16:13   [L4D] Player Stats (Co-op and Versus) - Alpha Build 81
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Here's an update from the previous Alpha Build 71.

This version is compatible with the previously released database.

Web stats have not changed at all. Download them from the previous release if you need them.

Made some structural modifications and hopefully fixed some bugs. I have been having a very poor Versus testing since all my servers players play mostly Co-op and when occasionally they choose Versus and I join, they appear to be some inbred team want to kick me off... from my own server! And I don't know how to block them from doing that.

Anyhow... this one should be one more step towards being ready. Sorry for not going in to Beta just yet, even though that's what I said I would do next. I didn't have the needed amount of testing and thus the delay.
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