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Here's an update from the previous Alpha Build 53.

I have fixed some bugs but in that process I have probably generated bunch of new ones.

This version is compatible with the previously released database.

Web stats have not changed at all. Download them from the previous release if you need them.

New features include score reduction after the usage of medkit(s). I don't remember if there were more. There are not a lot of new features in this release, since I have used most of the time trying to solve the bugs and other issues while working with this project.

There are some issues with the current plugin, like for instance some player get huge scores from something. I am not sure, but I think it comes when a Tank punches a Survivor of the rooftop in Mercy hospital and the player receives fall damage... or something? Also the counter of dead survivors is not very consistence. I have to look into those issues.
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