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Everything seems to be in order, so here's a public Alpha version if anyone wants to see how it works. I'd be very happy if I would receive some feedback and/or bug reports from some of you.

Please note that this is Alpha and therefore not all features are working properly and some of the features are not implemented yet. I still have a lot of work to do but since my testing is so limited I hope I'll get help from you.

Edit: The sources were released. I am not too happy about it but since that's the only way the so be it. Like I said, I was going to publish the sources after the Alpha stage was developed to Beta. Here you go... It's a mess and the commenting is lacking.

Make a completely new database for this, please! You should NOT overwrite or merge the existing stats tables for the use of this. I have not locked the database fields yet and some may even get deleted in the next version. Add a new configuration entity for your databases.cfg. Name it to l4dstats_test. Configure your common.php and run createtables.php. Copy the l4d_stats_test.smx to your game server plugins directory and either restart the server or execute console command "sm plugins load l4d_stats_test". Please try tweaking the values from the autocreated l4d_stats_test.cfg configuration file.

The Alpha version is configured so that it writes some debug information to Error Log.
All the stats collected and points earned from Co-op are almost the same as they were before in the original v1.1.1 version but by default there is a cooldown mode for friendly fire, which was not there in the original version. This mode can be disabled so the stats should be exactly the same as before. The points earned in Versus game mode are far from being balanced right. I am hoping that YOU can help me with this. After a week or two of Versus stats collected, in my opinion the Map stats should be somewhat the same on both sides (Infected and Survivors). If you can provide better pictures for both team, please! Do so. The ones zipped here are googled in less than one minute.
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