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Originally Posted by Python View Post
Ok found some bugs:

When I disable the secondary gun menu


;Equip Menu flags: 
; p - primary
; s - secondary
; a - armor
; g - grenade
; b - buy
menus = p
my equip menu will be f*cked.
The first option to equip will be avaible, but the second and third (use prev, 2 and close) are grayed out.

When I enable secondary gun menu and put zero's behind all secondary guns, I will be equiped automatically with an usp.

When I disable 'strip players for weapons' and set remove_objectives to 'acd' than my players will not be equiped with scouts in scoutzknivez.
Here is the beta (equip_menu only). It fixes all of the bugs You found except one with scoutznivez - well I was testing it and what I could see is that - I can get now scouts with Your settings) but they aren't removed if dropped (so the map keeps increasing the number of entities - possibility of the crash), but please test it. About writting 0 for all secondary weapon (and also for primary weapons) - since this version if there is no any secondary weapon available the secondary gun menu is not displayed at all. The same about primary gun. Your gun menus shouldn't be fu**ed up anymore.
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