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Old 11-03-2006 , 14:08   Final word about No-Steam!

I do not support No-Steam. This should be obvious, but for those who can't get it:

a)"No-Steam" uses outdated engine binaries. If Valve doesn't support them, how can I support them?
b)"No-Steam" uses outdated CS binaries. This means that internal data can be different, and that means I'd have to support every iteration of CS into the past. The amount of CS internals CSDM relies on is heavy, and this would be a huge amount of work -- just so you can run Steam illegally!
c)"No-Steam" is not legal.
d)Why am I even writing this? No-Steam isn't from Valve, this should all be obvious.

I don't care if your entire country uses it. I don't care if your friends use it. I don't care if your LAN Café/center/party in your remote community in Post-Soviet-Communism Land use it. I am not going to start writing code that will work against every version of CS ever made.

The latest CS 1.6 running on Steam is a requirement, not a suggestion.

That is that. Whine about no-steam here and you will be looking for a temp-ban.

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