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Seeing UberMedicFully's edit of ff2_airdash, i wanted to do an edit of the original airdash too
So there could be two versions with a HUD.
(image of how my hud would look, which is almost the same from uber's)
This one however, adds 9 args to customize said HUD and another three more (Dark green = new args):

    "abilityX" // Replace the X with a number
        "name" "ff2_airdash_HUD"
        "arg1" "3"    // Max dash charges
        "arg2" "1"    // Starting charges, do not set to 0 or they will not recharge
        "arg3" "5.0"  // Delay before dashes become available at the start of the round
        "arg4" "7.5"  // Time it takes to recharge a dash after one is used
        "arg5" "1200" // Dash velocity
        "arg6" "1" // Velocity override
        // 1 = Yes, helps with dashing mid-air
        // 0 = Relative, can screw up dashes mid-air
        "arg7" "0.0" // Rage cost per dash, can be 0
        "arg8" "1.0" // Cooldown between dashes to prevent spam
        "arg9" "0" // Time in ticks after player has left the ground before they can dash
        // Can be 0 to dash from the ground, but if arg15 = 5 then the boss will not be able to jump
        "arg10" "1" // Which slot to take sounds from when dashing, set to -1 to make dashes silent
        // Uses "sound_ability" in the sounds section
        // Example:
        // "sound_ability"
        // {
        //     "1" "freak_fortress_2\boss\dash1.mp3"
        //     "slot1" "1"
        //     "2" "freak_fortress_2\boss\dash2.mp3"
        //     "slot2" "1"
        // }
       // Then, the subplugin takes all sounds that are added to the slot and plays them when a dash is used
        // NOTE: If you use dynamic_glide, set arg11 to 0
        "arg11"  "0"      // Allow player to glide after a dash?
        // To glide after a dash, hold JUMP mid-air. Cannot dash again until the glide has been used.
        "arg12" "-100.0" // Minimum glide speed
        "arg13" "15"     // Time in ticks since dash until player can glide. I'd not recommend setting to 0 as glides can be easily lost
        "arg14" "0.0"    // Max glide time

        "arg15" "3" // Key to use dash.
        // 1 = Left click
        // 2 = Right click
        // 3 = R (or the reload button) (set by default)
        // 4 = MOUSE3 (the mouse wheel button, or the key you use to activate the medic shield on mvm)
        // 5 = Jump button
        // 6 = Duck (or the crouch button)
        // HUD settings:
        // HUD Color
        "arg16" "255" // R Value
        "arg17" "255" // G Value 
        "arg18" "255" // B Value
        "arg19" "255" // A Value
        // HUD Position
        "arg20" "-1.0" // X POS
        "arg21" "0.82" // Y POS
        // HUD and message strings
        "arg22" "Dashes (M2): [%d / %d]" // HUD text - First flag is arg2, second flag is arg1
        // Do not use \n, i somehow broke it when trying to make this part of the edit
	"arg23" "Dashes are now available." // Message displayed on the screen after the arg3 duration has passed
	"arg24" "Dash recharged." // Message displayed on the screen after a dash recharges (arg4)	
        "plugin_name"    "ffsamu_airdash"
Update 23/5/22: Added 3 new args: A delay until the dashes enable, and another two message args respectively
NOTE: If you compile this plugin, you'll get "loose identification" warnings
Do not worry though, since i tested the plugin a lot with said warnings and it worked fine
Download the .smx and rename to .ff2 if you have troubles compiling it
Anyways, enjoy
Credits to:
Sardonyx for helping me a bit with the code
Sadao and Naydef for the powerup drop exploit fix
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