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Old 09-09-2021 , 12:56   Old Weapon Drop System (1.2)
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Edited version that retains skins, botkillers, etc, via parenting the deactivated original tf_dropped_weapon weapon to the now-invisible tf_ammo_pack weapon.
Fixed the issue with building gibs never spawning when the plugin is active.

Also removed the <morecolors> dependency that's only there to make the advertising fancier, and replaced the colors with the 4 available colors the default PrintToChat functions can do.

The chat function that advertises to the server in a timer couldn't be disabled by cvar in the old version.
You don't even get a .cfg file to change the cvars. :V

So now I've converted owds_adverts to a bitflag cvar to control all the adverts:
owds_adverts [0/3] = Advertise the plugin. 1 = (Advert on map start.) 2 = (Advert when enabling/disabling the plugin) Numbers are combinable.
Advertisements are disabled by default.

A .cfg file will be generated into cfg/sourcemod with the exact name as the plugin.
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