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8+ survivors in coop (Including 5+ players fix) [2021/10/25 updated]

DHooks (Experimental Dynamic Detour support) extension.
[L4D & L4D2] Left 4 DHooks Direct

1. l4dtoolz EXTENSION: Unlock server limit
*) write down cvars in cfg/server.cfg (if you are dedicated servers) or in cfg/listenserver.cfg (if you are listen servers) (if file doesn't exist, create it)
PHP Code:
sv_maxplayers 8 // 8 players can join the server, set number whatever you like (range 0 to 32)
sv_visiblemaxplayers 8 //number is same as above
sv_removehumanlimit 1 //remove kick for players  when they are more than 8 for vs and 4 for coop
sv_force_unreserved 1 //your server will stay unreserved and allow players to connect using connect command, this command sets.

sm_cvar precache_all_survivors 1 // Precache/Load all models of survivors to prevent crash
sm_cvar sv_consistency 0 // the server enforces file consistency (1: Enable, 0: Disable) 
2. l4dmultislots (Harry version): Allows additional survivor players in coop/survival/realism when 5+ player joins the server.

3. Defib_Fix: Fixes valve's defib not defibbing correct survivor, sometimes even reviving an alive player

4. Survivor Identity Fix for 5+ Survivors (Shadowysn version): Fix bug where a survivor will change identity when a player connects/disconnects if there are 5+ survivors

5. Wrong Voice Owner Fix: When two or more same characters in the game only 1 become source of voices from all same characters (Valve already fixed)

6. survivor_afk_fix: Fixes survivor going AFK game function.

7. lfd_both_fixUpgradePack (Harry version): Fixes upgrade packs pickup bug when there are 5+ survivors

8-A. 8+ players Bug Fixes EXTENSION (Windows, Linux):
1) Survivor finale score bug
2) Charger stop bug
3) Witch incorrect player attack


8-B. Left-4-fix by Lux
1) Better_Charger_Collision+patch: Fixes charging only allowing to hit 1 of each survivor character index and allows charger smashing into the same survivor more than once, survivors no longer become a brick wall after being charger smashed once.
2) witch_target_patch: Fixes witch going after wrong clone survivor

9. Save Weapon (Co-op) (Harry version): L4D2 coop save weapon when map transition if more than 4 players

10. Scene Adjustments/Fixes: Attempts to fix mourning/friendly fire for 5+ survivors as well as Zoey's pounced screams. Doesn't work in listen server

11. Survivor Clones Hunter Pounced Warning Fix: This plugin Re-uses the Generic Hunter Pounced lines from C1M1 so that Nick, Ellis and Coach can warn for a Hunter Pouncing their clones on server with 8+ players where multiple survivor clones are a frequent thing. Doesn't work in listen server

12. Real Zoey Unlock: Unlocks Zoey. No bugs. No crashes. No fakes. The Real Deal. (For Windows servers only.)

13. [L4D2]Character_manager: l4d1+l4d2 survivors in game
*) The Passing Fix - download "Stripper_passingfix.7z" for the passing to prevent players using L4D1 characters from being teleported/killed in this campaign.
*) Remove no.4 Survivor Identity Fix for 5+ Survivors while using this plugin

14. 8 survivors in rescue vehicle: Fixes Whenever more than four survivors enter a rescue vehicle, four more survivors are left behind and die.

15. Remove Lobby Reservation (Silvers Version): Once all the lobby players are connected, it will automatically remove the lobby reservation. Doesn't work in listen server

1. Survivor Respawn (Marttt Version): When a Survivor dies, is hanging, or is incapped, will respawn after a period of time.

2. M60_GrenadeLauncher_patches: Allows M60 and Grenade Launcher to function as any other weapon. Not dropping on empty and picking up ammo to refill

3. Infected Bots Control Improved: Spawns infected bots in L4D1 versus, and gives greater control of the infected bots in L4D1/L4D2 without being limited by the director.

4. L4D2 Survivors And Infected Shop Improved: Killing zombies and infected to earn points, use !buy to purchase weapons and items.

5. Lockdown System Improved: When someone tries to open end saferoom door, it will stay closed until a certain amount of time has passed. All the survivors need to do is to survive the incoming waves of mob and tanks.

6. Adrenaline & Pills Powerups Improved: On the use of Adrenaline & Pain Pills, various actions are performed faster (Reloading, weapon firing, and melee swinging)

7. L4D2 gifts: Drop gifts (touch gift to earn reward) when a special infected or a witch/tank killed by survivor.

8. deathcheck: Prevents mission loss(Round_End) until all human players have died.

9. L4D2-Unlimited-Map: Original L4D2 maps are modified in this config by Harry. Create the Unlimited Map.

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