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I added (unfinished) cosmetic functionality, converted the code to new syntax, and tweaked some things regarding how the death animation is handled. I also altered the velocity due to the annoying errors I get in the console about clamping the velocity values.
I use a peculiar way of replicating the ragdoll after the animation finishes, because of instant respawn plugins.

The ragdoll itself can't have it's skin and bodygroups set manually, so the default parts may conflict with the wearables.

Unfortunately, when the ragdoll disappears on the client's end, the wearables will still persist and stay at where the person died.
It's especially noticeable for people who use a config to disable ragdolls.

This can be, in theory, remedied a bit via checking for the client's console commands for the ragdolls and then SetTransmit them out from being viewed by the client, but it can not be completely fixed due to how the 'fake' wearables work on the ragdoll.

EDIT: Updated to Version 1.5.1
- The ragdoll now removes itself after 15 seconds to try and prevent floating cosmetics happening on default TF2 ragdoll options
- Fixed disguise wearables being applied to Spies on the death animation and ragdoll
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