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All4Dead2 Improved Version 3.4 (2021/7/10)
Enables admins to have control over the AI Director and spawn all weapons, melee, items, special infected, and Uncommon Infected without using sv_cheats 1

-New Feature-
-Convert All codes to new syntax.
-Add gamedata to support infected spawn (without being limit by director)
-Add All weapons、melee、items
-Add firework crate
-Add L4D2 "The Last Stand" two melee: pitchfork、shovel
-Spawn Witch Bride Model in c6m1 to prevent crash
-Add Gnome and Cola.
-Display menu forever

Apply to:
l4d2 only

1. sm 1.10 or above, Please download sp file and compile by yourself
2. To unlock all melee weapons in all campaigns, you MUST use the Mission and Weapons - Info Editor plugin which supersedes the extension.
3. Left 4 DHooks Direct

-How to use-
type !admin to call adm menu and you will see "ALL4DEAD" option


-Edit Github-
Latest version always here
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