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Note: This plugin requires that you have enabled this plugin in order to work

Plugin version: 2.3 [ New version released.Scroll down to see new feature
Plugin Author: Riste.kgb
Category: Zombie Plague / Zombie Escape modes

Credits to: Edon1337 (For file reading/writting)

zv_vip_damage (default 3.0)
zv_vip_nofall ( default 1) // 1 = ON | 0 = OFF)
zv_freevip_enabled (default 1) // 1 = ON | 0 = OFF)
zv_freevip_start (default 20) // hour is always in 24hr format. When will be freevip started
zv_freevip_end (default 22) // hour when the freevip ends
zv_freevip_flags (default "abd") // flags that freevips will have
// New cvars as from version 2.2
zv_vip_bonushp (default 2000)
zv_vip_infect_bonus (default is 5)
zv_vip_human_bonusap ( default is 5) // when vip player human inflicts damage more than 300 to the victim (zombie) it will get additional 5 ammo packs
Player commands:
say /status = it will print the message when their vip status automatically ends and his flags
say /vips = it will print the currently online vips on the server
Advantages that this system offers:

- When the freevip hour started no need to wait for next map to have freevip privileges.
- When the vip player expire date reached, it is automatically removed
- VIP players can have custom models for each vip
- VIP players can do more damage (depending of the flag)
- VIP Players if fall they will not get any damage (depending of the cvar)
- VIP Players have multi jump

Saving vips in config/vips.ini:
A = Multi jump
B = Custom Model
C = Damage
D = Custom flag

< name or authid > < password > < flags > <expire date (%d.%M.%y %H:%m> <Custom_Model_Human> <custom_model_zombie>
Example for setting vip by name:
"Name" "password" "abcd" "07.12.2019 12:10" "custom_model_human" "custom_model_zombie"
The vip player should use  setinfo _pass "password" to authorize as a vip.
Plugin API:
native zv_get_vip_flag(index, const flag[]) // returns boolean true if the vip player has that flag or false if not.
native zv_is_vip_expired(index)
native zv_is_vip_authorized(index) // returns true if the vip is not expired and if it is authorized  no need to use zv_is_vip_expired if it is using this api
native zv_get_freevip_flag(const flag[]) // returns boolean true if the freevip is enabled & if that flag exists or false if not
Suggestions are welcomed. Any questions if you have feel free to ask.
Ill post in next post how to register a extra item / zombie class available to vips only.

Update Changelog:

- Fixed bugs  in ZP mode ( that i wasn't tested it, now it everything works fine)
-say /vips  - will print now and free vips on freehour
-The vip model now will work fine for zm / human
API update changelog:

- Added new native zv_register_extra_item(const name[], const desc[], cost,teams,const flag[])
for now is useless because it is still working on it to have this system own vip menu that will be there registered vip extra items.
Changelog v2.2:

- fixed errors in zp_user_infected_post
- added cvar zv_vip_bonushp that will have vip zombies
- added cvar zv_vip_bonusarmor that will have vip humans each round
- added bonus ammo packs for infecting player.
- added bonus ammo packs for inflicting zombie
Update v2.3
 - Added vip extra items menu, say /vm to open vip menu.
 - fixed several bugs with natives
API implementation
native zv_register_extra_item( const name[], const desc[], cost, teams, const flags[]) // teams = ZP_TEAM_HUMAN or ZP_TEAM_ZOMBIE |  vip flags
forward zv_extra_item_selected(id,itemid)
Update v2.4

- Fixed bug with flags for registering extra items. Now if vip doesn't have that flag for item, he can not buy it.
- Fixed bug that can dead player open vip extra items.
- Added bonus armor each round for humans.
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