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*A picture showing features (click to maximize):


A new admin system which packs in a lot of old and new features, improvements, bug-fixes. Possibilities are endless with this. Want to give a person access to a command? Want to give someone a rank? Maybe give someone a custom cool prefix?? Or someone else a special skin which only he will have? Or just tired of wasting your time looking at the date to see if someone's admin should be gone so you're looking for an automatic way? These are just some of the many features this system has. By the way, this system also supports all modes, such as ZP, ZE, DR, BB etc..

*Advantages over the old admin system:
- Real time data retrieving, if you edit something from users/gags/bans files, it will be instantly applied, instead of making the player wait until map changes.
- Custom say chat prefixes for each player
- Option to give each player his own model [Terrorist/CT]
- Immunity system, you won't be able to perform actions on other players with higher immunity value
- Expire Date in users file, privileges will be disabled (suspended) when date expires
- New commands such as: amx_freeze, amx_ss, amx_warn, amx_noclip, amx_godmode, amx_team, amx_last, amx_gag, amx_addgag..
- There's menus for almost everything: ban, gag, addban, addgag, unban, ungag, kick, slap, slay, freeze, map.
- Unban menu, inside the unban menu you can find all banned players' name, steamid and ip, and you can unban them by simply clicking the item in the menu in which the person you want to unban is in.
- Instead of hard-coding stuff, I've chosen messagemode, so you can do everything your way, instead of having to choose what the author wanted, for example in ban menu, you can enter the number of minutes yourself, and not have to decide whether to ban a player for 5/10/60 minutes or permanent like in the old admin system.
- API, a native to register commands (same as register_concmd) but it has immunity option, I just added it for fun also a forward that gets called when amx_addadmin is used
- Fully customizable configuration file with tons of options starting from the options of changing prefix of dead players/spectators to changing each files name, options to log say chat, name changes, connections
- You can change the flag for each command, making it easy to choose what you want and don't admins to have
- Ranks, ranks are a new addition, they have a HUD (can turn it on/off RANKS_HUD_ENABLED), you have an option in the .cfg file called RANKS_IN_CHAT, if you enable that, your rank will be shown in front of your custom prefix in say chat.
- Ranks are shown in amx_who if RANKS_ENABLED is set to 1
- Ranks are fully customizable, you can add unlimited ranks and edit current ones to your own desire, change the rank titles, flags..
- A new ban system, you have amx_ban and amx_addban, you also have menus for them, making it easier for the front-end users
- Bans become 'unactive' when the ban date expires, there's also permanent ban option.
- Gags, you have amx_gag and amx_addgag, same as bans, they become un-active when the gag expires, there's also permanent gag option and there's menus for them.
- I've added something cool in amx_last, instead of saving only 10 latest connections, it allows all connections to be saved, but they get removed from the database after an amount of time (customizable via .cfg file)
- Option to set individual access flags for each CVAR (EliteAdminSystem_Cvars.ini)
*Issues that you might encounter:
- If you have a plugin that uses amx_* commands, you'll have to edit it, as I've changed the order of things inside the commands, but there's not many plugins that use amx_* commands

*Important (MUST READ):
You must disable these plugins so my system can work properly:
*Information and features (READ BEFORE POSTING):
  • This plugin is a re-creation of the original AMXX admin system, it's packed with new features and improvements to the old ones
  • With this plugin you have real-time data retrieving, so if you edit something from the .ini files, it will be instantly applied.
  • It has it's own Ban file where all bans are stored
  • It has it's own Gag file where all gags are stored
  • There are two gag flags that can be used to gag people, s - say chat | v - voice chat
  • It has it's own Users file where all users are stored
  • It has it's own Configs file where all configurations are stored
  • Introducing new immunity system, immunity is a number, meaning that players with lower immunity can't perform actions on different players with higher immunity
  • This system is strict when it comes to parameters, you must enter all parameters, you're allowed to leave them blank ("") in some scenarios.
  • Put ';' in front of an admin's name to disable his admin.
  • If you don't want to put password for someone, just leave the password part as ""
  • If you don't want a prefix, leave the prefix part as ""
  • If you don't want a model, leave T_Model or/and CT_Model part as ""
  • If you don't want the admin to have an expire date, leave it as ""
  • The admin expires when the date expires (automatically).
  • Bans expire when the date expires, and they're automatically removed from the .ini file
  • Gags expire when the date expires, and they're automatically removed from the .ini file
  • You must have the models inside the models/player/ directory when giving models to an admin. Example the model name is 'vip'. You should have a 'vip' folder in models/player and vip.mdl file inside the 'vip' folder. Then put 'vip' in the T_Model or CT_Model in the .ini file.
  • All dates are in MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS format
  • Skins are assigned by SteamID, setting a skin to a person by name won't give him the skin.

 amx_kick <name> <reason> - Kicks a player out of the server.
 amx_ban <name> <minutes> <reason> - Kicks a player out of the server and adds him to the banlist, making him unable to connect to the server.
 amx_addban <name> <steamid> <ip_address> <minutes> <reason> - A more advanced way of banning, you can use this to add a person that isn't connected to the server to the banlist.
 amx_unban <nick/steam/ip> - Unbans a player, removes him from the banlist.
 amx_slay <nick> <reason> - Kills/Slays a person.
 amx_slap <nick> <value> <reason> - Slaps (damages) a person for x damage.
 amx_gag <nick|steamid|ip> <seconds> <reason> <flags> - Gags player from say chat/voice chat
 amx_ungag <nick|steamid|ip> - Ungags a gagged player
 amx_say <message> - Writes message in all green text
 amx_who - Shows connected players information
 amx_map <map> - Changes the map to another one
 amx_nick <current_nick> <new_nick> - Changes a person's nick to another one
 amx_addadmin (default) <Nick|SteamID> <Password> <Flags> <Prefix> <T_Model> <CT_Model> <Immunity> <Expire_Date> - Adds a new admin via console
 amx_cvar <cvar> <value> - Sets a CVAR's value to another one
 amx_plugins - Shows list of plugins
 amx_rcon <cmd> <value> - Sends command to server
 amx_showrcon - Shows rcon password
 amx_help - Shows commands list
 amx_last - Shows recently disconnected players information
 amx_psay - Sends a private message to a player
 amx_modules - Shows modules
 amx_vote - Creates a vote with up to 3 options
 amx_votemap - Creates a vote with up to 3 maps
 amx_freeze <name> <off/on> - Freezes player movement and mouse
 amx_ss <name> - Takes screenshot on player
 amx_warn <name> <reason> - Warns a player
 amx_noclip <name> <value> - Sets noclip on player
 amx_godmode <name> <value> - Sets godmode on player
 amx_team <name> <team> <respawn> - Changes player team (and respawns if you set it to 1)
 amx_addgag <nick> <steamid> <ip> <seconds> <flags> <reason> - A more advanced way of gagging, adds player to the gag list even if he isn't connected
 amx_chat <message> - Sends a message in chat to all players that have the required flag
 amx_exgag <nick|steamid|ip> <seconds> - Extends (adds seconds) someone's gag time in seconds
 amx_regag <nick|steamid|ip> <seconds> - Reduces someone's gag time in seconds

 eas_menu, eliteadminmenu, amxmodmenu (default) - Console commands to open admin menu

(new commands are highlighted red)
(console commands are highlighted blue)


Info: This is the file where you can assign players different flags, prefixes, and such.

"Nick" "SteamID" "Password" "Flags" "Prefix" "Model_T" "Model_CT" "Immunity" "ExpireDate" "Flags_Remove" "Keep_Privileges"

Immunity is a number, if someone has an immunity of 50, he can't perform actions on another admin with higher immunity.
ExpireDate should be in MM/DD/YYYY - HH:MM:SS format
Info: This is the file where you can change configs of the system (file names, values).

DEAD_PREFIX - The prefix that will show before player's name when he's talking while dead.
SPECTATOR_PREFIX - The prefix that will show before player's name when he's talking while he is a spectator.
COMMAND_ADDADMIN - The command name to add a new admin (amx_addadmin by default)

USERS_FILE - File name for users file
BANS_FILE - File name for bans file
LOGS_FILE - File name for logs file (located in logs folder) [don't put .ini at the end of the name]
GAGS_FILE - File name for gags file
CVARS_FILE - File name for cvars file

CONNECT_LOG - Connect Logs <0|1>
NAME_CHANGE_LOG - Name change Logs <0|1>
CHAT_LOG - Say chat Logs <0|1>
BANNED_CONNECT_LOG - Show when a banned player attempts to connect <0-None|1-Chat|2-Log|3-Both>

SHOW_ADMIN_EXPIRE_DATE - A way for admins to see when their privileges expire <0-Off|1-Connect|2-Command|3-Both>
ADMIN_EXPIRE_CMD - Command to see expire date

ENABLE_MODELS - Enable custom player models system
DEFAULT_MODEL_T - Default skin for Terrorists
DEFAULT_MODEL_CT - Default skin for Counter-Terrorists

RANKS_ENABLED - Ranks shown in amx_who <0|1>
RANKS_HUD_ENABLED - Ranks HUD enabled <0|1>
RANKS_IN_CHAT - Ranks to appear in say chat <0|1>
RANKS_SHOW_UNRANKED - Show HUD for people without rank <0|1>

SYSTEM_PREFIX - Chat prefix

DISCONNECT_INFO_SECONDS_EXPIRE - How long should an entry in amx_last last for (seconds) until it's removed completely

FREQUENCY_UPDATE_ALL_FILES - Frequency (seconds) to update all files

CMDMENU_COMMANDS - Commands to open admin menu

ADMIN_ADD_FLAG - Flag required to add a new admin
KICK_FLAG - Flag to use amx_kick
BAN_FLAG - Flag to use amx_ban
ADD_BAN_FLAG - Flag to use amx_addban
UNBAN_FLAG - Flag to use amx_unban
SLAY_FLAG - Flag to use amx_slay
SLAP_FLAG - Flag to use amx_slap
WHO_FLAG - Flag to use amx_who
CVAR_FLAG - Flag to use amx_cvar
PLUGINS_FLAG - Flag to use amx_plugins
MAP_FLAG - Flag to use amx_map
NICK_FLAG - Flag to use amx_nick
RCON_FLAG - Flag to use amx_rcon
SHOW_RCON_FLAG - Flag to use amx_showrcon
MODULES_FLAG - Flag to use amx_modules
FREEZE_FLAG - Flag to use amx_freeze
SCREENSHOT_FLAG - Flag to use amx_ss
COMMANDS_MENU_FLAG - Flags to open admin menu
WARN_FLAG - Flag to use amx_warn
NOCLIP_FLAG - Flag to use amx_noclip
GODMODE_FLAG - Flag to use amx_godmode
UNGAG_FLAG - Flag to use amx_ungag
GAG_FLAG - Flag to use amx_gag
SAY_FLAG - Flag to use amx_say
TEAM_FLAG - Flag to use amx_team
IMMUNITY_FLAG - Flag for immunity (bans and gags won't work on immunity players)
PSAY_FLAG - Flag to use amx_psay
LAST_FLAG - Flag to use amx_last
ADD_GAG_FLAG - Flag to use amx_addgag
CHAT_FLAG - Flag to use amx_chat and to see amx_chat messages
VOTE_FLAG - Flag to use amx_vote
VOTEMAP_FLAG - Flag to use amx_votemap

VOTE_MAP_TIME - How long should a votemap last (seconds)
VOTE_TIME - How long should a vote last (seconds)

TEAM_SAY - Say team <0-Off|1-On>

RANK_ALIVE_HUD_R - Red as in RGB for alive players Rank HUD
RANK_ALIVE_HUD_G - Green as in RGB for alive players Rank HUD
RANK_ALIVE_HUD_B - Blue as in RGB for alive players Rank HUD
RANK_ALIVE_HUD_X - X axi for alive players Rank HUD
RANK_ALIVE_HUD_Y - Y axi for alive players Rank HUD

RANK_DEAD_HUD_R - Red as in RGB for alive players Rank HUD
RANK_DEAD_HUD_G - Green as in RGB for alive players Rank HUD
RANK_DEAD_HUD_B - Blue as in RGB for alive players Rank HUD
RANK_DEAD_HUD_X - X axi for alive players Rank HUD
RANK_DEAD_HUD_Y - Y axi for alive players Rank HUD
You can modify access flags for each CVAR here, for example you want all admins with flag 'b' to have access to amx_nextmap, you can do
amx_nextmap = b
You can add/edit ranks here
Usage: "Rank_Title" = flags

Let's say you want rank "Power" you'll need flags that are written after the equal sign in the same line.

Default ranks:

"V.I.P" = t
"Lite Admin" = bcde
"Admin" = bcdeij
"Power" = abcdeijmno
"Moderator" = abcdefgijmnpqr
"Head Admin Helper" = abcdefghijmnopqrst
"Head Admin" = abcdefghijkmnopqrstu
"Owner" = abcdefghijklmnopqrstuxyz
Info: All bans are stored here
Syntax: <name> <steamid> <ip_address> <ban_expiration_date> <reason> <banned_by_admin>

<name> - Banned player's name
<steamid> - Banned player's steamid
<ip_address> - Banned player's IP address
<ban_expiration_date> - Time when ban expires (MM/DD/YYYY - HH:MM:SS) format (24hrs)
<reason> - The reason he got banned
<banned_by_admin> - The name of the admin who applied the ban
Info: All gags are stored here
Syntax: <name> <steamid> <ip_address> <gag_reason> <gag_flags> <gag_expire_date> <gagged_by>

<name> - Gagged player's name
<steamid> - Gagged player's steamid
<ip_address> - Gagged player's IP address
<gag_reason> - The reason he got gagged
<gag_flags> - Gag flags (s -say chat | v - voice chat)
<gag_expire_date> - Gag expire date (MM/DD/YYYY - HH:MM:SS) format (24hrs)
<gagged_by> - Name of the admin who applied the gag
*Servers running this system:
List of Servers

* Mistrick - help with menu memory leaks
* ConnorMcLeod - his player models plugin
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