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Originally Posted by arne1288 View Post
As I wrote over in [Any] Veterans Only @ 2018-04-22, 17:57, it has been in my interest for a long while to make some sort of "service", that would help communities dealing with toxic players.

Lack of third party testers providing feedback is one of the primary issues though. I see you have been active in that Veterans Only thread as well, - are you possibly one of those superior testers that would be happy assist with getting something good up and running, according to the description in the bottom of the linked post?

Do you have a server available for testing? - If so, send me a PM with your Steam profile and I'll add you / will be available sometime tonight.
That rings of overkill. Assuming that SteamTools can at least load on CS:GO, you should be able to just adapt the TF2 Free2BeKicked plugin. (The SteamWorks extension does not have the same functionality, but I hear that pull requests are welcome).

#pragma semicolon 1 #include <sourcemod> #include <SteamWorks> #define PLUGIN_VERSION "1.0.0" public Plugin myinfo = {     name        = "Free2BeKicked - CS:GO",     author      = "Asher \"asherkin\" Baker, psychonic",     description = "Automatically kicks non-premium players.",     version     = PLUGIN_VERSION,     url         = "" }; public OnPluginStart() {     CreateConVar("anti_f2p_version", PLUGIN_VERSION, "Free2BeKicked", FCVAR_DONTRECORD|FCVAR_NOTIFY); } public void OnClientPostAdminCheck(int client) {     if (CheckCommandAccess(client, "BypassPremiumCheck", ADMFLAG_ROOT, true))     {         return;     }         if (k_EUserHasLicenseResultDoesNotHaveLicense == SteamWorks_HasLicenseForApp(client, 624820))     {         KickClient(client, "You need a paid CS:GO account to play on this server");         return;     }         return; }

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