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    CHANGE LOG         2020-FEB-14  1.5             ! Fixed plugin not working unless using v1.1.             - Added CVARS for admin and bot checks.             . badcamper_admins  0|1             . badcamper_bots    0|1             - Added Gearbox and Valve support.                 2008-JUL-21  1.4.239                     ! Compatible with AMXX 1.80 or higher only.             - Fixed issue where the spectator meter would display in the spectated player's language               rather than the spectator's language.

Zipped up alternate test version of 1.5 with new punishment list.
1 Slap
2 Health Reduction
4 *Sound (Heartbeat)
8 Blind
16 Money Reduction
32 *Illumination
64 Pin-Pointer
128 *3D Camp Finder
256 Snark Attack
sha256sum Bad Camper
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