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Hello guys. Presenting my the most enjoyable project so far.

Version: 2.5

KZ Autocup, like the name says, is the cup for Kreedz mode with automated finding the winner. Its totally compatabile with any of your kz-main plugin on the server (it means it blocks /cp,/ you must put kz_autocup.amxx before them in plugins.ini)
Its possible to find the winner because of created entities, in this case markers/levels.
I tryed to make it the most simple but ofc useable for all. So it means, there are no any cvar, few chat commands, and thats it for dont need an admin online to choose the winner, so you only need to start cup, play and finish. If that map has more than 3 saved markers (its the minimum), winner will be choosen by who touched further marker*; saving players are stored via sqlite, so there is also Cup15
Chat commands:
/startcup - opens menu with option for time of cup and starting it
/joincup - joing the cup
/exit - if you want to leave
/cup15 - opens cup15 motd
/cup - admin command, for making cup markers
/cupinfo - showing hud with all cup commands

[console] amx_cup_delete "STEAM:2525252" - Deletes steamid from sql database

Making cup markers is very easy and fast...just go /cup -> turn on Faster Noclip, and by aiming you will create them...the most important thing of this plugin is: marker's positions...on bigger height difference you must position them, and casually on every 5-6 blocks, how you want...thats it

* - in previously version (v2.0) was possible to do an bug: if player is the first one, he's like on 50th marker, but suddenly fall down to start, and in that moment cup ends - he will be selected as winner, even if second player is on 45th i added when cup finished, check his height compared to that marker (and ofc compare heights of his last_touched marker and last_touched+1 marker) wont be 100% accurate (still one bug is known), but it will do the work for 8/10 situations hh

v1.0 : created without markers,cup15
v2.0: added markers + cup15 + statustext messages
v2.2: added detecting player's height, like explained before + fixed some little things
v2.3: added someone did a sc (thanks to skazzy for the idea) + added showing if winner was in air at the end
v2.5: added CP/TP option when go /startcup + bartime on countdown, little changes to /cup15 style
You must create folder in addons/amxmodx/configs/Cup_maker/
In that folder, all your saved markers will be saved. Your sqlite is saved: addons/amxmodx/data/sql3/
Markers are all invisible by default. In my opinion its better option
extension is: .txt you can download from Necro Cup already created markers, i made it to be compatibile

Thanks to:
So many people helped me in this project, also my the longest one (one or two months working), some of them helped me directly with testing on the server, some by the code, some of them indirectly thanks goes to:

Kushfield, Kpoluk, Basshunter, RIO, M3, xeis, mEfro, p0ker, foxa, klipica, skazzy, Gorbachev, trajko and im sorry if i forgot someone :/
Especially to: KZ Necro Cup's markers file, i think trooper [kz-na] made all by himself, so thanks to him for that
Images: - /cup and /startcup menus - /cup15
updated /startcup:
bartime until cup starts:
You can test this on: [aa10] or [aa100]
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