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Old 08-01-2018 , 11:06   CS Battle Royale (Fortnite/PUBG) v2.8 [UPDATED 01/10/19] [ALL MAPS ARE SUPPORTED]
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by DoNii

Version: 2.8

Video Preview (Old Version)

How to Install the mod

- You must have already heard of the Battle Royale games which are taking over the planet, yes, I'm talking about PUBG and Fortnite.
This mod revamps the default game play into a new survival game play, where you have to kill everyone to survive.

Information regarding the mod
- The mod now supports any map, you only have to create spawn points/origins for the Airplane, Zone and Weapons/Healings, for which you will have a tutorial in the next post.


Official HLDS, you can't use this mod if you're using ReGameDLL.
Orpheu (I've tested using latest version).
Random Origin Generator by HamletEagle. (if using automatic spawn points)

  • Battle Royale (Team up with your friends or go alone in the battlefield)
  • Air Plane dropping (All players spawn into an airplane from where they can jump)
  • Random dropped weapons and healings
  • Fake teams (You're able to create up to 32 teams)
  • Customizable API (Almost everything is changeable through .ini files)
  • Round Manager (Will take care of the game play, no admins needed in the server)
  • Red Zone (Seen in Fortnite [storm], players outside of the zone will take damage)
  • A lot more, find out for yourself.

Configuration Files:



WHATS NEW? (Changelogs) *CHECK
* v1.0
         Initial Release

* v1.1
         Some fixes

* v1.2 
         Deleted remove_entity_name("armoury_entity") from NewRound, should be in plugin_init

* v2.0 - Closed BETA:
         Instead of removing armoury_entity every round, moved to plugin_init()
         Fixed weapons not being spawned
         Completely re-wrote Round Manager, last version was glitchy.
         Starting from v2.0, you don't need CVAR Util, Infinite Round and No Objectives by VEN anymore. I implemented them in the mod
         Fixed fake teams, they would put in your team people who weren't even alive
         Added new method of fake teams, now instead of directly blocking spawn for player if he doesn't have a team, it checks if there's an available team for him.
         Added a bunch of new forwards
         Added new sound when taking zone damage
         Added new sound for airplane
         Added auto team join on connect
         I got tired of counting.

* v2.1
         Fixed the problem that was causing round to end because of the timer
         Fixed some parts that could bug
         Fixed bug that was colliding players when jumping
         Fixed bug that made players invisible
         Fixed bug that made player invicible
         Added a task to check if current alive players count is less than minimum, client_disconnect wasn't working properly
         Fixed bug that caused player who won the game to not re-spawn
         Fixed win manager, it was bugged before
         Fixed MOTD not appearing on people who die
         Added a code that blocks connect MOTD

* v2.2
         Fixed fake teams when doing duos/squads
         Removed the task I added in 2.1, added client_disconnect again but with a different method.
         Hopefully fixed the bug that made some players sometimes invisible and invicible. Will try to fix it if it occurs again.

* v2.3
         Added a code that might prevent players from remaining SOLID_NOT
         Added more commands for backpack
         Fixed damage stats

* v2.4
         Added new method of checking disconnect, now it works.
         Added new native SetPlayersInTeam (don't use it if you don't know what you're doing)
         Fixed ReLocatePlayer (was int should be float)

* v2.5
         The mod now supports every map! You only have to add spawnpoints/origins yourself.
         Made the mod 200% times more configurable, added a bunch of new .ini and .cfg files for easy access to the user.
         Added method to save player wins in Vault file.
         Removed money HUD
         Added option to choose whether to use automatic or custom spawn points
         Fixed some possible future bugs
         Optimized the code as always
         Fixed parachute velocity appearing if admin slayed player
         Fixed bug that was giving Victory Royale when players was killed by the zone

* v2.6
         AirDrop now creates weapons on the ground instead of giving them to the player, StripWeapons .inc isn't needed anymore.
         Added automatic way to create missing directory and files when playing on an unregistered map
         Constant Update of Friend HUD, now it will show the status of the teammates, Dead/Alive.
         VoiceChat limited to teammates - not tested
         Added DHUD showing newbies how to jump from the plane
         Added new camera angle, now it is similar to PUBG/Fortnite.

* v2.7
         Fixed teammate's names not showing in the HUD
         Fixed a flaw that let players [re]spawn at times when they weren't allowed to. (this hopefully fixes the bug that made a random person invincible).

* v2.8
         Fixed teammate's dead/alive status not showing correctly.
         Fixed camera showing center of the map because entity was out of map bounds (any velocity/origin axi above 4096.0 will show center of the map so make sure to lower the values when adding new origins).
         Had to return HAM_SUPERCEDE while blocking player spawn instead of just setting m_iNumRespawns to 1, because it was still letting players spawn.
HamletEagle - If it wasn't for him, this mod wouldn't have been completed. Huge props.
EFFx - Airplane code.
Ghosted - Player->Zone 2D calculation and a lot of other help.
Natsheh - For his circle creation stock which I used for the red zone.
KliPPy - Backpack code, I was lost in my old code.
Arkshine - fix for WeaponList.
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