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This is an anti-teamflash for both CS:S and CS:GO. It has cvars to blind spectators or teammates. The big difference between this and others is the ability to still have the flash effect without the ringing "deafen" sound.

Requires DHooks

sm_flash_team - Whether to flash teammates or not
sm_flash_deafen - Whether to deafen when a flash goes off (for all players)
sm_flash_deafen_owner - Whether to deafen the thrower of the flash (ignored if sm_flash_deafen is set to 0)
sm_flash_deafen_team - Whether to deafen the throwers team (ignored if sm_flash_deafen is set to 0)
sm_flash_specs - Whether to flash spectators or not
A config file will be made on first run in cfg/sourcemod called anti_teamflash.

But WAH this has gamedata and an additional extension, the others dont. This is correct, this is a proof of concept and sort of a how-to replicate an old extension I made called Flashbang tools. In theory since it just blocks the actual blind function this is much simpler. However, due to gamedata this is more likely to break on updates. Also, to reliably block the deafen sound an extension is needed.

Briefly tested in both CS:GO and CS:S (windows). Feel free to report any bugs/typos (I wrote the majority of this when i was bored). gl hf.

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