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Description :>

COD Mysterybox the idea is taken from call of duty zombie...
still don't know what is a mysterybox here....

Cvars :>
* Cvars will only change its value on new round start.
  • mybox_enabled
    Default : 1
    1 - plugin is enabled
    0 - plugin is disabled
  • mybox_flags
    Default : "acd"
    * a = spawn a mybox on round start,
    * b = spawn a mybox every x second,
    * c = remove all the myboxes on round end,
    * d = spawn a mybox if a mybox has teddybear called AKA vanished.
  • mybox_quantity_spawn_onroundstart
    the quantity of spawning a mysterybox during the round start, Default is 1.
  • mybox_loop_spawn_time
    Default : "240" / 4 Minutes
    the amount of time in seconds to spawn a mysterybox this cvar is useful when the cvar mybox_flags contain the value 'b'
  • mybox_teddybear_chances
    Default : "50"
    the percent of showing a teddybear when opening the box.

  • Console Commands:
    mysteryboxspawn spawn a mysterybox in a random location!
  • Client Commands:
    mysteryboxeditor Opens up the mysterybox editor menu
    mysterybox_editor_menu Opens up the mysterybox editor menu
    mysterybox_call_teddybear Calls a teddybear to the mybox that you are aiming at!


v1.0: Released.
v1.1: Item chances are now more correct, added Scale for sprites.
v1.1.1: Fixed a small bug prevented the box from opening!
v1.2: The code were optimized, fixed a bug that crashes the server due freeing a memory using remove_entity, added samantha laugther sound effect, gave the box yellow aura light effect, fixed items chances, created an API.

mysterybox_items.ini configuration....
PHP Code:

// Item name, currently its AK47
// COMMAND TYPE #1 is executing a function from a plugin.
// FORMAT will be like this
// "function_fullname" "plugin_fullname" "I:parameter 1 integer value" "S:parameter 2 string value" "F:parameter 3 float value".......
// WARNING : max parameters are 5.
COMMAND "func_give_item mysterybox_functions.amxx I:%id S:weapon_ak47 I:30 I:90"
// item model.
MODEL "models/w_ak47.mdl"
// item model angles.
MODEL_ANGLES "0.0 0.0 0.0"
// item sound only wav type, the sound will be called when the item has been chosen.
// item accessflags
FLAG "b"
// item chance.

// Item name is Restart
// item command type is 0 which its a server command
// command execution!
COMMAND "sv_restart 1"
// ITEM accessflags is immunity.
FLAG "a"
// item chances is 75 %

// Item name is introduction
// item command type is -1 which its a client command
// client console command execution!
COMMAND "say hello, what a nice mysterybox!"
// item chances is 75 %
// Model sprite.
MODEL "sprites/welcome.spr"
// Scale of the sprite half its original size.
check out the file for examples....


Extract all the files in the archive into your game/server folder....

Servers are using this plugin....
@Jailbreak Main Mod v2.6.6 100%
@User Tag Prefix 100% done !
@Mystery Box 100% done !
@VIP System 100% done !

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