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Just a minor update so multiple bosses can use this passive ability, in addition to allowing all projectile types (tf_projectile) to use this ability.

Also fixed projectile particles applying only after the boss RAGES. Now starts applying upon round start.

CFG Config hasn't really changed at all, if the same particle effect is desired across all of the boss's projectiles.
        "name" "projectile_particles" 
        "arg1"    "coin_large_blue"     // Particles effect name 
        "arg2"    "1"                 // Holyness level. The higher = The brighter = More lag. 
        "plugin_name"    "ff2_otokiru_pp" 
Otherwise, here's a new addition, if different particle effects for different projectiles are desired.
        "name" "projectile_particle_X" // replace X with a number from 0-16 
        "arg1"    "tf_projectile_arrow" // Projectile Name
        "arg2"    "coin_large_blue"     // Particle Effect Name 
        "arg3"    "1"                        // Holyness level. The higher = The brighter = More lag. 
        "plugin_name"    "ff2_otokiru_pp" 
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