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Originally Posted by Spartan_C001 View Post
i'd prefer the system to move to the new format whilst still maintaining compatibility for the old format in 1.6.x then in 1.7+ completely move to the new format. makes more sense that way to me, i fixed my rankings plugin and the players on my servers are happy so admin permissions can wait until something more solid is done
Originally Posted by Aderic View Post
This.... I would like to know what to expect from GetClientAuthString from the newest stable build, will it return their legacy Steam ID or will it return the new Steam ID?

I want to go ahead and convert all the steam IDs in my MySQL databases to the new format but don't want to do it just to find out I screwed myself out of future updates.
I can only say the same thing so many ways.

In 1.6 snapshots, everything is back to using the old ids and will continue to do so as other games are updated with that change. If you don't mess with your configs and database, everything will just work as-is.

In 1.7 and onward, we haven't touched anything yet. We do plan to make the admin system compatible with multiple id formats, as well as have multiple id formats available for retrieval. There is no ETA for this.

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