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Sorry, I'm also not sure what is the problem. However I have new plugin for ZPA.

New plugin!

This is modified version of "Display The Current Mode" plugin.

What new?
1. Nemesis Round = Human: %d | Nemesis: %d
2. Survivor Round= Survivor: %d | Zombie: %d
3. Assassin Round= Human: %d | Assassin: %d
4. Sniper Round= Sniper: %d | Zombie: %d
5. Plague Round= Survivor: %d | Human: %d | Nemesis: %d | Zombie: %d
6. Armageddon Round= Survivors: %d | Nemesis: %d
7. Snipers VS Assassins Round= Snipers: %d | Assassins: %d
If you want to use this plugin, you have to download both .sma file below.
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File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (zp_game_mode_example.sma - 1227 views - 7.7 KB)
File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (cc_3.sma - 988 views - 5.4 KB)
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