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Old 05-18-2004 , 12:59   Ultimate Gore v1.6 *UPDATED 7/5/08* - Supports: CS/CZ/DoD/TFC/TS/ESF/SC/valve
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********************************************* *******************************
* Version 1.6 - 05/18/2008
* by jtp10181 <[email protected]>
* Homepage:
* Original code by:
* by mike_cao <[email protected]> (plugin_gore)
* fizzarum <[email protected]> (plugin_gore2)
********************************************* *******************************

This plugin adds gore effects. It is configured
with the cvar "amx_gore" using these flags:

a - Headshot blood
b - Extra blood effects
c - Bleeding on low health
d - Gib explosion (Explosives and damage over "amx_gore_exphp")
e - Extra Gory Mode
f - Extra Headshot Gore Only (same as with flag "e")
g - Hostage Gore (CS/CZ Only)

Default is: amx_gore "abcd"

New CVAR: amx_gore_exphp (default 160)
The amount of health that must be lost upon death for the player to "explode"

Add the cvars to your amxx.cfg to change it and have it load every map

*NOTE*: the decal indexes are pulled form the servers decals.wad If you
do not have the orginal decals.wad (for your mod) on the server the
decals may not appear as blood, but arrows, numbers, text, etc.


v1.6 - JTP10181 - 07/09/06
  • Added a single spray with normal headshot gore
  • Added new flag for extra headshot gore only
  • Added support for module auto loading
  • Added support for SvenCoop
  • Added minimal support for NS
  • Finally found proper way to hide corpses in CS/CZ/DoD
  • Fully ported to FakeMeta
v1.5 - JTP10181 - 06/27/06
  • Added support for ESF
  • Added support for TS
  • Added support for TFC
  • Tweaked a lot of numbers
  • Made gibs fly around more instead of in a big heap
  • Added support for hostages in CS
  • Switched all supporting mods to client_damage/death forwards
v1.4 - JTP10181 - 06/16/06
  • Switched to Pointer CVAR commands
  • Updated to work on "valve" mod by request
  • Finally finished support for DoD
  • Reduced the insane ammount of blood spray with gibs & extra gore enabled
v1.3.5 - JTP10181 - 03/05/06
  • Fixed possible runtime errors if player disconnects during events
v1.3.4 - JTP10181 - 10/25/05
  • Added knife to the gib_wpncheck check
  • Fixed bug where if all damage was from falling the player would not bleed
v1.3.3 - JTP10181 - 09/25/04
  • Made it really easy to change the weapons that cause explosion
  • Minor code tweaks
v1.3.2 - JTP10181 - 09/24/04
  • Fixed code to work on AMXModX 0.20
  • Added new CVAR to adjust the HP loss that triggers a GIB explosion
  • Used task for body hiding so items wont end up underground
v1.3.1 - JTP10181 - 06/02/04
  • Fixed runtime error if victim is null on a damage or death event. It was happening in conjunction with superhero mod. Thanks to drummeridiot25 for testing it for me.
v1.3 - JTP
  • Automatic mod detection, no more recompiling for CZERO.
  • Decal indexes verified for CZ, they work perfectly.
  • Started working on DoD support (not wokring yet)
v1.2 - JTP
  • Combined various gore plugins into one that has the best features out of all of them.
  • Plan to maintain this plugin if any issues/requests arrise.
  • Added extra gory mode:
    • Classic headshot death with the sprays shooting up (from orginal plugin_gore)
    • More blood spraying on a gib explosion (from orginal plugin_gore)
    • Extra blood decals on damage and deaths
  • Fixed divide by zero error in fx_blood and fx_gib_explode (runtime error)
  • Minor tweaks here and there to some of the numbers
  • Put in fix for CZERO decals from "euro" and "out" from AMX forums
  • Fixed runtime error when the attacker was not able to be determinted. get_user_origin was getting passed a "0" player index.
v1.03 - ( by fizzarum ) :
  • Each hit now causes a blood stream depending on the positions of the agressor and the victim.
  • Reduce the previous headshot fx to a less extravagant thing
  • The gib explosion now happens after a damage higher than 110 EVEN IF the victim's head was hit
  • A knife kill does not cause a gib explosion
  • Minor changes on the bleeding effect, the position of the gibs
Versions below v1.03 were maintained by mike_cao

  • mike_cao for the orginal plugin
  • fizzarum on plugin_gore2.sma (for AMX)
  • euro and out (AMX forums) for posting decal numbers for CZero
  • drummeridiot25 for testing it (v1.3.1) with superhero mod for me
********************************************* *******************************

I have permission from mike_cao to use his code in this new plugin.
I also have permission from fizzarum to use his code from gore2.

For some reason the web compiler breaks this plugin (stale copy maybe).
If you are having problems then compile it manually and see if that helps.

Requires CSX/DODX/TFCX/TSX Module for CS/CZ/DOD/TFC/TS support

Mods Supported:
  • Counter-Strike
  • Condition-Zero
  • Day of Defeat
  • Team Fortress Classic
  • The Specialists
  • Earths Special Forces
  • Sven-Coop
  • Original "valve" folder Mods
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