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Q: Can I import earlier created log files into the database?
Q: Is it possible to run hlstatsx:ce without realtime updating?
Q: Can I ftp my files over from an other machine to import them into the database?

A: Yes!

To do this manually on a linux host, you would use the follow syntax

From the directory
cat /path/to/logfiles/* | /usr/bin/perl ./ -s -t --norcon --server-ip YourServerIp --server-port 27015
On Windows
type c:\path\to\logfiles\*.log | c:\path\to\perl.exe c:\path\to\ -s -t --norcon --server-ip YourServerIp --server-port 27015
Also, Woody has made a wonderful perl tool which allows you all to do this automatically through ftp. As of 1.6.1 this tool is included in "scripts/hlstatsftp".
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