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Originally Posted by Franc1sco View Post
according to the video, really produces much lag?
It depends on how many ignited players are standing near each other. Many servers only notice quick spikes because the players are always moving. The impact on server performance is still there.

A description of when this happens:
Originally Posted by soja92 View Post
On popular maps like surf_facility, voodoo, and many others, there is a zombie teleporter. If many zombies are set on fire they all get mashed together casing massive lag(server times out until the fire is gone).
Originally Posted by TnTSCS View Post
this also stops other players from being affected by the fire, right?
Yes, it stops a player on fire from transferring that fire damage to other players around them. This will probably be a behavioral change for servers, but the cost of calculating who to damage is the problem we are dealing with.

I should note this in the first post.

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